The Black Water

The Temple of Stilvakas

15 years. It has been 15 years since you gained entrance into the fabled ice temple of Stilvakas. After inspecting possible candidates, a bright light shone in the horizon. You decided to grab your best friend from the Temple, the paladin Darius Yeltsin. Together, you went to inspect the lights coming from a coastal fishing village not 50 miles away. Over rugged terrain you ran. Upon your arrival, you found the town decimated by an unknown force; a sole survivor remained. She was an elderly woman, and apparently driven mad from the carnage that was wrought. Through your best attempts, she could not be saved. After a particularly potent hallucination, she ripped herself apart in a fit of terror. You decided to return to the temple.

Soon after arriving back at Stilvakas, you discovered everyone was in a meeting within the Cathedral. It was decided, after speaking with the Magister, that you and Darius would be the ones sent out to scout the encroaching mists; as prophesy says the Temple will fall in the mist. Before you and Darius were able to return to the village, you encountered the mist. It did not obscure vision once inside, just made everything withing colorless. In the distance, penguins; seemingly mutated, ran wildly towards the two of you. Vicious red eyes glowed, and sharp talons protruded from their wings. A fight quickly ensued.

After the flock of penguins had been culled, the red in their eyes died out. It was unnerving to notice your own blood. Your concern was not that it was spilled, but that it was as grey and devoid of color as the rest of the world. Only the eyes of the penguins showed any sign of life.

Soon after reaching the village, you found that there were a pair of boats docked – docks that were previously empty. These longboats were tied, and you decided to try and sneak upon one. There were three men aboard, and a fight broke out. Just as Darius crushed the skull of the third man guarding the boat, you noticed two more were attempting to sneak up on you, presumably from the other ship in port, again unnerved from the glowing red eyes being the only color you have seen.

After swiftly dealing with these two additional foes, you took another look around the town. The old woman you buried was brought back from the dead, a fate Darius would not allow. After setting her back to rest, you chose to set sail using the longboats towards where the mist had come from. Eventually, you came across a small island. Just on the shore was a fence made of black metal. You climbed the wall, and began investigating the inland with Darius. After a few minutes, you find a wall made of the same metal you earlier encountered in the fence. After scaling it, you find yourself looking down upon a graveyard. There are three mausoleums, and Darius points out one that is a source of a great evil. After entering the mausoleum, a small group of ghouls begin to rise up. After the ensuing battle, a single coffin lay within a central chamber. Darius warns against opening it, as there is no evil coming from it. Deciding the dead should stay resting, you ask Darius to find if there is further evil in the area. After a short while, Darius leads you outside, where a faint green glow seems to be coming from the ground. Now that the undead have been dealt with, this seems to be the source of evil that Darius had found.

Digging through the snow, you find yourself looking upon a pedestal, upon which lays an ornate amulet inlaid with a large green glowing gemstone. Almost as if it needed to be said, Darius confirms this is the source of evil he saw. You clear the remaining ice from off of the pedestal, ask Darius to smash it. With a mighty swing, Darius slams his massive hammer upon it, and it shatters. A green mist begins to seep out of it, flowing onto the ground. The mist takes shape slowly; but distinctly humanoid. After the process is complete, Darius inspects the newly arrived old man. It is the Magister from Stilvakas!

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